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Cleaned my MAF sensor on my 99 Honda Passport


My check engine light goes on and off almost every day and the error code is P0174 - System Too Lean (Bank 2). I already have the Oxygen sensors replaced (4 of them) a couple of months ago. The Check Engine light cleared for a few days but since then it decided to be a disco light for me (on and off).

Here's my first stab on cleaning my Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.

This is the air filter area. The MAF sensor is located on the left of the filter box (silver-black-silver thing).

Loosen this screw so you can detach the air filter cover.

Here's another picture.

Unplug the MAF connector (as shown below)
The connector is located here.

Remove the 4 screws using the Torx screw/bit. I also removed the rubber connector to clean it. It may not be necessary to remove it though.

Top view of the torx bit (I believe this is what it's called -torx). Sorry, the picture is not that clear.

Here's a side view of the torx bit.

Here's the removed part. I sprayed some MAF sensor cleaner on it. I bought it from Pepboys for $7.99.

CAUTION: Do not touch the MAF sensors. I've read on the Planetisuzoo.com forum that these are very fragile and expensive to replace if you broke them. So again, please DO NOT TOUCH. Just spray the MAF cleaner on them.

I only pressed the MAF cleaner spray lightly as I am too afraid to break the sensors.

Another view of the MAF sensors.

I just took a couple more pictures to show the disassembled area.

Another view.

Let the MAF dry after spraying it with the cleaner. Re-assemble it back by following the reverse order of the pictures.

It's been two days and I haven't seen the CEL on. I'm hoping this will clear out my Check Engine light for good.

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