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Pokemon Cards


My son has started collecting Pokemon trading cards and if you have kids, I'm sure you probably heard about Pokemons. I believe the most known Pokemon is Pikachu and it's trainer is Ash.

Going back to my son, he has a binder full of Pokemon cards that I bought from eBay. If you buy them from stores like Toys R' Us, Walmart, Game Stop, Target, etc., it will cost you a lot because the $$$ will add up. I went the eBay route because some kids outgrow them and parents would rather get something back from it instead of throwing them away.

He's also watching the shows on T.V. I think it's on Cartoon Network... but I'm not entirely sure about it. I also got a used Pokemon handbook for him (yup, also got it from eBay) and he started reading it as well. Ever since he got into this Pokemon mania, he's been telling me a lot about Pokemons. He tells stories about his classmates' Pokemon cards. He would tell me names of Pokemons, who created them, how strong they are, their attacks and which Pokemon can beat other Pokemons.

He's been asking me to buy the strong ones on eBay and he mentioned about the Pokemon EX cards and he said that these cards are the strongest. I did my research and he's right about the strongest thing but the cards tend to be pricey on eBay because of it.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, he was telling me a story about one of his classmate's Pokemon that can beat anybody. So I told him that I have the strongest Pokemon of all, Pikachu EX, and it can beat his classmate's strong Pokemon. He said that he wants to see it, so I told him that I'll show it to him once we get home.

Once home, I told him that the Pikachu EX card is "one-of-a-kind" and he will be the only one in the world who will have this card. It can beat anybody even the strongest of all Pokemons. He was so excited about it and I presented this card to him:

Pikachu EX (front)


When my son saw the card, he started laughing and he said that he loves it. He even mentioned that this is his 'best' Pokemon card ever and will even dare his classmates to beat it. He added some things in the front side (those ones that I missed) and placed the card in his Pokemon binder. Now that he has this card, he's asking me to help him make other cards as well.

I thought my son will be disappointed by my practical joke but it was so fun seeing him laugh and enjoyed what I created.


Jack said...

Your son has a good sense of humor.

mytheory said...

haha..i love your work! you know what, i think you give your son a lot of attention, and absolutely he would like it.
I remember when i was at primary school. and i became a pokemon card mania. But my parents burnt all my pokemon cards away, because they think it would disturb my school lesson. Haha...
a good or bad memories?
i confused by myself..

Aftab said...

hey im a poke maniac my self im a teen ager (13 exactly) but i love pokemon & i always create them on sites like mypokecard.com, pokemoncardmaker.org. I think you should show your son those sites im sure he'll be astonished & you can make every card an ex or lv.x card, isn't it fun.

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