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NFL Fantasy Game - Week 1


I have been hearing a lot about the NFL fantasy game last year but did not try it. I decided to give it a try this year and realized that I missed the fun. It is just my first week and I'm already attached to it.

This game is addicting and an NFL fan playing it will surely enjoy. It is also FREE and if you want to save some money, try this one out instead of using your hard earned money buying expensive video games.

My first week on this fantasy game was great. I got a win by scoring 120 points total and ranked 2nd overall. I have Tom Brady as my starting Quarter Back (QB) getting 25 points although my reserve QB, Joe Flacco, got 29 points. My other best players are Greg Jennings (WR - Wide Receiver) with 18 points, Ben Watson (TE - Tight End) with 19 points but was on reserve last week so his points didn't count on my total. My defensive team, Philadelphia Eagles, had a monster week and gave me the best points with 43. Below is a screen-shot of my team's statistics.
I'm not sure if you can still join a fantasy league, you can visit NFL's website and check. For the current fantasy players, Good luck with your team! I'm sure you're enjoying it.

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Jack said...

Good luck with your fantasy game. I am also playing it but not having great luck as you.

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