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NFL Fantasy - Week 2


Oh man! I lost by only 2 points for Week 2. It's a good thing that I changed my defensive team this week. I knew that the Eagles defense won't fare well against the high-powered offense of the New Orleans Saints.

I do have several if's though during this week.
- If Tom Brady got a touchdown (TD), I could have won.
It was very uncharacteristic of Brady for not scoring any touchdown. The NY Jets defense was able to limit Brady's production because he had one less receiver to throw the ball to. Wes Welker was out but still Tom should have thrown a touchdown so I could have won. :)

- If Greg Jennings caught a few passes for 30 yards, I could have won.
I'll not blame him that much. He had an injured wrist but he still played. I just hope he plays well next week...

The last if is this:
Going into Monday Night Football, I was 21 points behind my opponent. I thought I would never had a chance to win the game but with 2 players (Ted Ginn, Jr. and Adam Vinatieri) who haven't completed their games, there's a little chance.

At the end of the 1st half, I was 13 points behind (7 pts. from Vinatieri and 1 pt. from Ginn). I said to myself, I still can't win this thing because I would need 2 touchdowns and a field goal conversion to get 15 points.

2nd half started and on the 3rd quarter, I got 3 points from Ted. Aha! 10 points behind... I may a chance....

4th quarter starts and the Colts are behind (13-20). I knew that I could get some more points from Adam since Peyton won't let his team down. Around 5 minutes into the game, the Colts got a touchdown and an the extra point from Adam... 9 points left to tie.

With the Dolphins marching to the other side, Ted caught a couple of passes and I got 3 more points.... 6 points left to tie... I just need Ted to catch a touchdown pass but the Dolphins was forced to take a field goal on their possession.

On the next possession by the Colts, Peyton gave his team another touchdown and I got another point from Adam... 5 points left to tie but if Ted gets a touchdown, I will win.

Two minutes left in the game and a couple of passes were thrown to Ted. Those gave me 2 more points.... 3 points left to tie..... I'm sooooo excited.

With 35 seconds left, Chad Pennington threw a pass at the end zone to Ted. Ted jumped up.... the ball hit his hands but he didn't catch the ball. On the replays, it showed that the ball hit his fingers. While watching the replays, I wished he was Larry Fitzgerald... since Larry can do some acrobatic catches... but he wasn't. I see a potential for Ted though so I'm keeping him on my team.

22 seconds left and Ted got me another point... 2 points left to tie. I'm praying that Chad will pass it to Ted for a touchdown.

12 seconds remaining in the game, the ball was snapped. Chad was looking... looking and threw the ball. I was able to glance at the player jersey where the ball is going and it was not Ted... Oh man! I lost the game and the ball got intercepted... Oh well... maybe I'll win next week.


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