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NFL Fantasy - Week 7


Won another week and I knew that I won already before the Monday Night Football game. I was 5 points ahead of my opponent 78-73 on Sunday night and I still have one player yet to play on Monday.

Another great week from my quarterback, Tom Brady and my tight end, Owen Daniels. My starting running back this week is Joseph Addai and got 12 fantasy points from him. All my wide receivers had a so so week.... I'm hoping they all show up next week since I have a tougher matchup.

My Defense/Special Teams (Eagles) did well yesterday and gave me 24 fantasy points. The Eagles have a tough schedule the next few weeks... I just hope they keep up the pace of making sacks and getting interceptions (hopefully with touchdowns).

Next week I have to sit down my franchise quarterback (Brady) due to a bye week and use my backup QB, Joe Flacco. The Ravens are playing the unbeaten Broncos. I hope Flacco perform as good as he did during the Vikings game. I'm also putting back my marquee running back Ray Rice and wide receiver Derrick Mason on my lineup. Both players are also from the Ravens. So, this week.... Go RAVENS!!!!

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NFL Fantasy - Week 6


I got another win with my highest total Fantasy points so far. I have a 5-1 record now and still on top of the Overall and Power rankings. I got a big boost from my quarterback, Tom Brady. He scored 6 touchdowns and 51 fantasy points. My running back, Ray Rice, also had a breakout game with 30 fantasy points.

I made a mistake of sitting down my Tight End, Owen Daniels. He also had a breakout this week with 19 points. I won't sit him down next week for sure. His replacement TE, J. Finley, only gave me 5 points. Bummer...

I also have good performances from my two wide receivers, Derrick Mason and Mario Manningham. Each got a TD and have 11 and 15 fantasy points respectively.

I'll scout who's going to be my next opponent and make some lineup changes because I have a lot of players going on their bye week.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 5


Grabbed another win this week! My points total came from good performances of most of my players. Tom Brady stepped up this week, again, outscoring my backup quarterback. My running back, Ray Rice, had his best performance so far and he has steadily increased his points performance for the past several weeks.

I also brought back my Eagles defense after their bye week and they performed great as well. I'm still looking for a good reserve wide receiver. I'll continue to scout the Free Agents and hopefully I'll find/get what I'm looking for.

By the way, with this win, I am on top of the Overall and Power Standings. Not bad for a rookie in NFL fantasy. I also hope I can keep my winning streak and be able to play in the playoffs.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 4


I got the win for this week with a lead of 25 points. I was ahead by around 50 points before the Monday Night Footbal game. I knew that I'll surely win this game. My opponent's last player was playing on MNF and it's a QB. The QB has to score more than 50 points and in order to do that he should have a combination of 6 TDs and 300+ yards or 7 TDs and 200+yards. There are more combination that can be done but I'm pretty sure that those numbers are hard to get in the NFL. It can happen but it's rare.

Last week, I picked up Nate Burleson... choosing experience over a rookie. Guess what, Nate was a no-show this week giving me only 3 points. Oh, btw, my QB Tom Brady scored better that my backup QB. Hooray!!! It's only 1 point though but he might soon find his touch again and score a lot of TDs.

Going back to Nate, I dropped him and got another Nate, Nate Washington from the Tennessee Titans. Even though the Titans lost all their games (4), I believe they are a pretty decent team and they do have a good quarterback. I just hope this Nate shows up on Sunday Night and give me some points. He will be on the spotlight because the game is on Primetime.

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NBA Fantasy Game on ESPN


I'm joining another fantasy game and this time it's basketball. I'm joining the game on ESPN and it's also free just like the NFL one. I've left the Autopick on so I can just leave the drafting on it's own when it starts on October 6.

I'm hoping I'll get some good players on my team. If not, I'll try to manage my team well. If you're looking to try it out, visit the ESPN NBA fantasy site.

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Replaced the Battery


I replaced the battery this afternoon. My dad bought the battery this morning at Walmart and got it for $76.50 after his employee discount. The total price has a core price of $9. This means that when I return the old battery, I'll get the $9 back. The final price of the battery is $67.50.

I had a little difficulty removing the old battery because it doesn't have a lift handle. The battery is also heavy and tried to remove it a few times before I was able to do it. The new battery has a 3 year warranty on it and had a handle so the installation was easy. It took me around 30 minutes for the job. It would have been faster if the old battery had a handle.

The dealer was asking for $118 for the new battery. Doing it myself, I saved 50 bucks and btw, I already returned the old one.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 3


WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I got a win this week!!!!

My players produced the needed numbers and I won by 41 points. I replaced Ted Ginn, Jr. at the last minute with Derrick Mason. I made an excellent decision since Ted didn't produce any points this week.

I'm a bit disappointed though. For the last 3 weeks, my backup quarterback, Joe Flacco, has scored more than my starting quarterback, Tom Brady. Their teams will be facing each other this week and I don't know if I have to sit Brady and start Flacco. Maybe another last minute decision.

I said last week that I'm keeping Ted Ginn, Jr. Actually, I dropped him the other day. Boo-hoo! I needed a wide receiver who can produce points. On the Free Agent market, I had to pick between a rookie, Johnny Knox, and a veteran, Nate Burleson. It was a tough decision since Johnny might have a breakout rookie season but I opted for experience and got Nate. I'm hoping I made the right choice.

As for my defense, I'm starting the Broncos this week because my Eagles team has a bye.

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82,500 Car Maintenance


I brought my other car yesterday morning for its regular maintenance to the dealer. I always try to keep the regular maintenance schedule on my vehicles. So while at the dealership, I asked them to do the 82,500 maintenance where they will change the oil and check a lot of things. I can probably do it myself but I don't want going under the vehicle to change the oil. Also, I cannot check the other things since I don't have the tools to do it.

The dealer said that my total for the day is $99.95. I believe that's about right and that's the amount I have been paying them for years for this type of service. The good thing about this dealer is that they have a free breakfast (bagel or pretzel and coffee) while waiting at the lounge. They also offer a free ride to your office or home if you don't want to wait and they will also pick you up. I opted to get the free breakfast since I was a bit early for the shuttle schedule. I also asked them to bring me home and pick me up by noon once my car is done.

About an hour later, I got a call from the dealership. They said they noticed a few of things on my vehicle (1) Mounted Brake light is out, (2) Battery replacement since it failed the test and (3) the Front Brake pads need replacement. I asked them how much each job would cost me and the gave me the following:
1. Brake light - $22.00
2. Battery - $118.00
3. Brake pads - $249.95

I was shocked by the prices.... I was only expecting to pay $99.95.... and now my bill would be almost 500 bucks!!! I declined all of it and told them that I'll just reschedule it but I was already thinking of doing all of it myself.

After a few minutes, I got a call back and they said my car is done and they can pick me up. In about half an hour, the shuttle is at the front of my house and we headed back to the dealership. I went back home and was still thinking about the prices given to me.... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? what a rip-off!

Later in the afternoon, I went to a local Autozone store. I picked up a couple of bulbs for my brake light for $3.99 and the brake pads for $39.99. I already saved about $230... I'll just replace the brake pads over the weekend. I also checked the battery prices and found $80 for a 2 year warranty and $90 for a 3 year warranty.

I headed back home and replaced my brake light. It didn't take me that long to do it and now I have an extra one.... Again, I thought... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? what a rip-off!

I've asked my dad to check the battery prices at Walmart. He said he can buy it for me since he has an employee discount. That's another savings for me.... I'll let you know once I installed the brake pads.... I still can't forget though.... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? You know it, right?

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