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82,500 Car Maintenance


I brought my other car yesterday morning for its regular maintenance to the dealer. I always try to keep the regular maintenance schedule on my vehicles. So while at the dealership, I asked them to do the 82,500 maintenance where they will change the oil and check a lot of things. I can probably do it myself but I don't want going under the vehicle to change the oil. Also, I cannot check the other things since I don't have the tools to do it.

The dealer said that my total for the day is $99.95. I believe that's about right and that's the amount I have been paying them for years for this type of service. The good thing about this dealer is that they have a free breakfast (bagel or pretzel and coffee) while waiting at the lounge. They also offer a free ride to your office or home if you don't want to wait and they will also pick you up. I opted to get the free breakfast since I was a bit early for the shuttle schedule. I also asked them to bring me home and pick me up by noon once my car is done.

About an hour later, I got a call from the dealership. They said they noticed a few of things on my vehicle (1) Mounted Brake light is out, (2) Battery replacement since it failed the test and (3) the Front Brake pads need replacement. I asked them how much each job would cost me and the gave me the following:
1. Brake light - $22.00
2. Battery - $118.00
3. Brake pads - $249.95

I was shocked by the prices.... I was only expecting to pay $99.95.... and now my bill would be almost 500 bucks!!! I declined all of it and told them that I'll just reschedule it but I was already thinking of doing all of it myself.

After a few minutes, I got a call back and they said my car is done and they can pick me up. In about half an hour, the shuttle is at the front of my house and we headed back to the dealership. I went back home and was still thinking about the prices given to me.... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? what a rip-off!

Later in the afternoon, I went to a local Autozone store. I picked up a couple of bulbs for my brake light for $3.99 and the brake pads for $39.99. I already saved about $230... I'll just replace the brake pads over the weekend. I also checked the battery prices and found $80 for a 2 year warranty and $90 for a 3 year warranty.

I headed back home and replaced my brake light. It didn't take me that long to do it and now I have an extra one.... Again, I thought... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? what a rip-off!

I've asked my dad to check the battery prices at Walmart. He said he can buy it for me since he has an employee discount. That's another savings for me.... I'll let you know once I installed the brake pads.... I still can't forget though.... 22 bucks to replace a bulb??? You know it, right?

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Steve said...

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