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NFL Fantasy - Week 3


WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I got a win this week!!!!

My players produced the needed numbers and I won by 41 points. I replaced Ted Ginn, Jr. at the last minute with Derrick Mason. I made an excellent decision since Ted didn't produce any points this week.

I'm a bit disappointed though. For the last 3 weeks, my backup quarterback, Joe Flacco, has scored more than my starting quarterback, Tom Brady. Their teams will be facing each other this week and I don't know if I have to sit Brady and start Flacco. Maybe another last minute decision.

I said last week that I'm keeping Ted Ginn, Jr. Actually, I dropped him the other day. Boo-hoo! I needed a wide receiver who can produce points. On the Free Agent market, I had to pick between a rookie, Johnny Knox, and a veteran, Nate Burleson. It was a tough decision since Johnny might have a breakout rookie season but I opted for experience and got Nate. I'm hoping I made the right choice.

As for my defense, I'm starting the Broncos this week because my Eagles team has a bye.


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