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NFL Fantasy - Week 4


I got the win for this week with a lead of 25 points. I was ahead by around 50 points before the Monday Night Footbal game. I knew that I'll surely win this game. My opponent's last player was playing on MNF and it's a QB. The QB has to score more than 50 points and in order to do that he should have a combination of 6 TDs and 300+ yards or 7 TDs and 200+yards. There are more combination that can be done but I'm pretty sure that those numbers are hard to get in the NFL. It can happen but it's rare.

Last week, I picked up Nate Burleson... choosing experience over a rookie. Guess what, Nate was a no-show this week giving me only 3 points. Oh, btw, my QB Tom Brady scored better that my backup QB. Hooray!!! It's only 1 point though but he might soon find his touch again and score a lot of TDs.

Going back to Nate, I dropped him and got another Nate, Nate Washington from the Tennessee Titans. Even though the Titans lost all their games (4), I believe they are a pretty decent team and they do have a good quarterback. I just hope this Nate shows up on Sunday Night and give me some points. He will be on the spotlight because the game is on Primetime.


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