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NFL Fantasy - Week 7


Won another week and I knew that I won already before the Monday Night Football game. I was 5 points ahead of my opponent 78-73 on Sunday night and I still have one player yet to play on Monday.

Another great week from my quarterback, Tom Brady and my tight end, Owen Daniels. My starting running back this week is Joseph Addai and got 12 fantasy points from him. All my wide receivers had a so so week.... I'm hoping they all show up next week since I have a tougher matchup.

My Defense/Special Teams (Eagles) did well yesterday and gave me 24 fantasy points. The Eagles have a tough schedule the next few weeks... I just hope they keep up the pace of making sacks and getting interceptions (hopefully with touchdowns).

Next week I have to sit down my franchise quarterback (Brady) due to a bye week and use my backup QB, Joe Flacco. The Ravens are playing the unbeaten Broncos. I hope Flacco perform as good as he did during the Vikings game. I'm also putting back my marquee running back Ray Rice and wide receiver Derrick Mason on my lineup. Both players are also from the Ravens. So, this week.... Go RAVENS!!!!


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