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Replaced the Battery


I replaced the battery this afternoon. My dad bought the battery this morning at Walmart and got it for $76.50 after his employee discount. The total price has a core price of $9. This means that when I return the old battery, I'll get the $9 back. The final price of the battery is $67.50.

I had a little difficulty removing the old battery because it doesn't have a lift handle. The battery is also heavy and tried to remove it a few times before I was able to do it. The new battery has a 3 year warranty on it and had a handle so the installation was easy. It took me around 30 minutes for the job. It would have been faster if the old battery had a handle.

The dealer was asking for $118 for the new battery. Doing it myself, I saved 50 bucks and btw, I already returned the old one.


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