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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 11/24/2009


Checking my NBA fantasy team now on ESPN. Looks like I'm getting a hang of this. I'm now in 3rd place in the standings.

I also picked up a new player, Will Bynum, and dropped Leandro Barboza. I'm hoping to stay up in the rankings and hope to get breakout players as the NBA season goes.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 11 - Results


Oh man! I thought I won this one but I lost by 3 points (93-90). I watched the game last night and was counting the points for Chris Johnson and Rob Bironas.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, I was up by 24 points. Chris had 151 rushing yards and no touchdowns so that's 15 points. I was cheering Vince Young to take the ball and run so Chris won't do the rushing... :)

Rob had 2 field goals and 2 extra points. I thought his total points is 8. Rob even missed a field goal which meant that I saved 3 points.

Adding Rob's (8) and Chris' (15) points, it's only 23 points. I was very happy this morning thinking that I won by 1 point.

When I checked this afternoon, I saw that I lost by 3 points. Rob's total points is 12. His 2 field goals got extra 2 points each since both were from 50+ yards. If I only knew, I should not have finished the game.... but the game was an exciting one. Houston tried to tie the game to go to overtime. Unfortunately, the Texans kicker missed the tying field goal.

So my win-loss record is now 9-2. I'm still on top of the standings though. Looking at the upcoming game, it looks like I'm the underdog. I'm down by 20 points. I hope Tom will have a good outing against the Saints... crossing my fingers again.... the Saints defense has been good this year.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 11 - Game Check


With about an hour an a half before the Monday Night game, I'm ahead by 24 points against my opponent (90-66). But, I'm a little bit nervous because my opponent have 2 players yet to play and I don't have any players left.

Why am I nervous? Well, my opponent still has Chris Johnson, the Titans running back. He's one of the best fantasy RB out there. On his last 3 games, he produced 35, 27 and 35 points. I'm hoping he gets shut down this week.

The other player yet to play for my opponent is Titans kicker, Rob Bironas. His last 3 games, he produced double digit scores (12, 10 and 13). If Rob gets 10 points, Chris Johnson only needs a touchdown and 80 yards of rushing to tie. I'm really hoping Chris will be controlled by the Houston defensive team. Goooooo Texans!!!

I made mistake of benching Greg Jennings who got 18 fantasy points and replaced him with Steve Breaston who gave me no points. If only I didn't do that, I would still have a chance. Right now, the odds are in favor for my opponent. I'm crossing my fingers though.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 10


I have a 9-1 win-loss record..... YEEEEE-HAAAAAA!!!

I watched the Sunday Night Football between the Colts and the Patriots and it's one classic game. My starting quarterback (Tom Brady) is playing so I didn't want to miss the game. I'm sorry Tom, I was rooting for Indy to win but nevertheless, you had a very good performance that night. Thanks for the 31 fantasy points.

I made a mistake of putting Joseph Addai on the bench. He was also on the Sunday night game and saw his two touchdowns. Big mistake on putting him on the bench.

My other running back, Ray Rice, played on Monday Night Football and I also saw his rushing touchdown. He gave me 15 fantasy points. Thanks Ray!

My other fantasy players didn't fare well except for one of my wide receivers, Steve Breaston, who gave me 13 points.

I'll take the win anytime... a few more games and it's playoffs time!!!

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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 11/16/2009


Here's some news on my NBA Fantasy team.

I think I have a good set of players. I was able to grab Brandon Jennings (rookie) from free agency a few days ago and it was an excellent pickup. Brandon is having a breakout rookie season and even scored 55 points the other night. 55 points for an NBA rookie? Wow!!!

My other players are also good - Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Michael Redd and Jason Kidd. My other players have nice stats, too. Here's my lineup.
I'm still trying to figure this out. I'm currently in 8th place (out of 10) so I'm at the bottom of the standings. One time, I saw my team at 5th place. I need to figure this out soon enough so I won't stay at the bottom of the list.

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NFL Fantasy - Week 9


HOO-HAH! Another win this week!!!! 8-1 win-loss record and there are only 5 games left for this fantasy season. A playoff berth is looking bright for me....

My starting quarterback is back!!! Tom Brady had an ok performance giving me 19 points. My running back tandem (Addai and Rice) did well again this week giving me 22 and 18 points respectively.

My receiving corps (WR and TE) were a no show this week. Nobody had more than 6 points. My defense (GO EAGLES!) had a weak performance. They should have pounded the Cowboys. The penalties hurt the team though.

I really need a good replacement for my tight end, Owen Daniels, since he's already out for the season. As you can see, I have 3 TE on my lineup. I'm dropping one this week and I'll pick up a wide receiver or running back who's on top of the Free Agent list.

Oh well... I'm hoping for another good outing next week. HEY, HOOF HEARTED!!!

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NFL Fantasy - Week 8


My franchise quarterback, Tom Brady, was on a bye this week and I didn't have a lot of advantage. I was only up by only 14 points on the analysis. Also my backup QB, Joe Flacco, is going against one of the best QB in the league, Peyton Manning. Luckily, Joe was able to match Peyton's fantasy points (13) for this week.

I got the win this week giving me a 7-1 win-loss record. WOOO-HOOO!!

I had great performances from my 2 running backs - Addai and Rice. My 2 wide receivers (Jennings and Mason) did good and gave me double digit fantasy points.

I hope I also get a win next week. This fantasy season is more than the half-way mark so I hope to get a few more wins so I can go to the playoffs.

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