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NFL Fantasy - Week 10


I have a 9-1 win-loss record..... YEEEEE-HAAAAAA!!!

I watched the Sunday Night Football between the Colts and the Patriots and it's one classic game. My starting quarterback (Tom Brady) is playing so I didn't want to miss the game. I'm sorry Tom, I was rooting for Indy to win but nevertheless, you had a very good performance that night. Thanks for the 31 fantasy points.

I made a mistake of putting Joseph Addai on the bench. He was also on the Sunday night game and saw his two touchdowns. Big mistake on putting him on the bench.

My other running back, Ray Rice, played on Monday Night Football and I also saw his rushing touchdown. He gave me 15 fantasy points. Thanks Ray!

My other fantasy players didn't fare well except for one of my wide receivers, Steve Breaston, who gave me 13 points.

I'll take the win anytime... a few more games and it's playoffs time!!!


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