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NFL Fantasy - Week 11 - Results


Oh man! I thought I won this one but I lost by 3 points (93-90). I watched the game last night and was counting the points for Chris Johnson and Rob Bironas.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, I was up by 24 points. Chris had 151 rushing yards and no touchdowns so that's 15 points. I was cheering Vince Young to take the ball and run so Chris won't do the rushing... :)

Rob had 2 field goals and 2 extra points. I thought his total points is 8. Rob even missed a field goal which meant that I saved 3 points.

Adding Rob's (8) and Chris' (15) points, it's only 23 points. I was very happy this morning thinking that I won by 1 point.

When I checked this afternoon, I saw that I lost by 3 points. Rob's total points is 12. His 2 field goals got extra 2 points each since both were from 50+ yards. If I only knew, I should not have finished the game.... but the game was an exciting one. Houston tried to tie the game to go to overtime. Unfortunately, the Texans kicker missed the tying field goal.

So my win-loss record is now 9-2. I'm still on top of the standings though. Looking at the upcoming game, it looks like I'm the underdog. I'm down by 20 points. I hope Tom will have a good outing against the Saints... crossing my fingers again.... the Saints defense has been good this year.


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