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NFL Fantasy - Week 9


HOO-HAH! Another win this week!!!! 8-1 win-loss record and there are only 5 games left for this fantasy season. A playoff berth is looking bright for me....

My starting quarterback is back!!! Tom Brady had an ok performance giving me 19 points. My running back tandem (Addai and Rice) did well again this week giving me 22 and 18 points respectively.

My receiving corps (WR and TE) were a no show this week. Nobody had more than 6 points. My defense (GO EAGLES!) had a weak performance. They should have pounded the Cowboys. The penalties hurt the team though.

I really need a good replacement for my tight end, Owen Daniels, since he's already out for the season. As you can see, I have 3 TE on my lineup. I'm dropping one this week and I'll pick up a wide receiver or running back who's on top of the Free Agent list.

Oh well... I'm hoping for another good outing next week. HEY, HOOF HEARTED!!!


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