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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 12/08/2009


I'm on 1st place now on my ESPN NBA Fantasy league. Moved up a couple of places in a couple of weeks. I'm getting a hang of it now. I have to look at different statistics to be able to maintain a high standing.
One change on my lineup though. I dropped Will Bynum and picked up Carl Landry. He has a better statistics (FG%, FT%, Rebounds, Blocks and Points). I'm hoping this is a good pick up.
My players have a little increase/decrease on points so I guess that's fine. I still have to track other stats on the 2010 Season Stats table. Most of it with the exception of Minutes count toward the ranking. The minutes is a good indicator though if the player will have good stats. The more minutes, the more opportunity the player has to produce.

The NBA has a long season compared to the NFL. I'll try to pick up good players and track my stat needs.


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