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Replaced my Brake Pads - At last!


At last, I was able to replace my brake pads. It took me about an hour replacing the pads on the front axles. As for how I did it, I just went to youtube and searched for brake pad replacement and followed the instructions. Below are some pictures...

Removed the wheel after jacking up the vehicle.
Axle is shown below.
Here's the Brake Fluid level before replacing the pads. I read on one of my maintenance records that a low brake fluid level is usually an indicator for thinning brake pads.
The old and new pads on the passenger side.
Close up of the old and the new pads. There's a big difference on the thickness.
This is the brake piston. It has to be pushed back to be able to put back the caliper with the new pads. Pushing up the piston also pushes the brake fluid back in the line(hose).
The old and new pads on the driver side.
Closer look on the driver side pads.
After replacing both pads, I checked my brake fluid level and found out that it overflowed. You can see fluid around the container.

That's it. If you want to know the step-by-step instructions, you can search for videos on youtube just like this:


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