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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 02/27/2010


A quick check on my NBA fantasy game. I'm still at 2nd place and still tied for the same position. We're down by 2 points for the 1st place (5 points previously).
I didn't have much changes on my lineup. I did drop Marcus Thornton and picked up John Salmons but picked up Marcus again the next day after he scored 37 points. John is doing well though with his new team (Milwaukee Bucks).

I'm currently monitoring Andrei Kirilenko's injury. If he don't play much, I will be picking up John Salmons again as a replacement.
As for the stats, my team need to work on their Free Throw percentage. I'm actually at the bottom with 75.04%. The next team above me has 75.69%. The other stat that I have the chance to take over is the rebounds. I have 4,116 while the other team has 4,134. I need 19 rebounds to take over. I have to analyze my stats as I may have to give up one player to get someone who has a better stat at rebounding.

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Replaced my battery - Other car


I had to do another battery replacement on my other car last December after bringing it to the dealer for an oil change. They mentioned that I had to change the battery and is asking for $118 again. It's the same charge they were asking back in October.

My dad bought me another battery from Walmart and final price after returning the old battery is $67.50 just like the last time.

Here are the step by step procedures on how I replaced my car's battery:

1. Open the hood and get the appropriate wrench to be able to remove the terminals and the brackets.
Side note: My old battery's brand is DieHard and it really died hard. I believe it's on my car for more than 5 years.
2. Be sure to have a new battery. Just common sense, you cannot replace your battery without a replacement. :)
3. Remove the Negative Terminal connection first.
4. Remove the Positive Terminal connection next.
5. Loosen the bolts on the bracket to be able to remove the old battery.
6. Battery removed.
7. Place the new battery.
8. Re-assemble the brackets but do not tighten the bolts. Remove the red and black plastic covers on the terminals.
9. Install the Positive Terminal connection first and tighten the bolt. Make sure the cable will not move.
10. Install the negative terminal connection next and tighten the bolt. Make sure the cable will not move as well.
11. Tighten up the bolts on the bracket to make sure the battery will not move.
12. Start the car to test the battery

There you go. Hope these steps help you should you tackle the battery replacement yourself.

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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 02/10/2010


Update on my status on my NBA Fantasy game. I've fallen to 2nd place after about 2 months. My rank sometimes fall into 3rd place and go back to 2nd. Looking at the standings, I'm actually tied with someone else. We're 5 points behind the 1st place team.
I made several changes on my lineup (see below):


1. Michael Redd - out of the season due to injury
2. Thaddeus Young - regressed in stats when I dropped him
3. John Salmons - starting to regress in stats

1. Andre Kirilenko - getting hot since he was put back in Utah's starting lineup. Replacement for Michael Redd
2. Darren Collison - Since Chris Paul is injured he's one of the guys picking up the slack for New Orleans. Replacement for John Salmons
3. Marcus Thornton - Also picking up the slack for New Orleans due to Chris Paul's absence. Replacement for Thaddeus Young.
Some things that affected my ranking.
1. Carmelo Anthony - the league leader in scoring. He missed 8 games due to an ankle injury but he was back in the Nuggets lineup yesterday.
2. Marcus Thornton - missed 4 games due to a back injury
3. Brandon Jennings - on a shooting slump. His points average fell to 17.1 from 21.3.

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Busted Door Bell light


I have noticed that my door bell light is busted again. I found out about it when somebody knocked on my door hard. I wondered why he knocked when he could have just pressed the door bell button. I'm guessing he didn't notice the button was there.

Door bell without light
This will be the 2nd time I will be replacing it. I was lucky to save the old button on the original replacement case (Style selections #158623). If memory serves me right, I bought this product from Lowes. I kept the item in the car this morning and was planning to drop by Lowes to get a replacement.
While on my way home, I decided not to go to Lowes since we will be hammered with a snow storm tonight and tomorrow. Weather forecasts are calling snow for about 6 to 18 inches.

I started looking at the old button and thinking that I don't have any use for it anymore, maybe I should open it and see what type of bulb it has. I didn't care if I break the product since I know I'll be buying a new one anyway.

Closer look at the button (apologies for a blurry picture).
Back of the button
I was able to separate the back part and found an LED type bulb. Looking at the button case, it says that the button can be installed to wired chimes, bells and buzzers that are from 8 to 24 volts.
Removed the bulb (busted one)
I remembered that I used a similar bulb on my car when I replaced the backlight of the clock. I know that the bulb is 12 volts. I bought the bulb from Radio Shack for $1.79 (part #272-1092) and it has 2 bulbs. At that time I used it, I only needed one so I had a spare.
I compared the Radio Shack bulb with the busted bulb and they both look the same.
I was able to re-assemble the button back with the new bulb. I then removed the button with the busted bulb and replaced it with the newly fixed button. After connecting the 2nd wire (see below), it worked!
Now my door bell has a light again. I'm keeping the other button so the next time I get a busted bulb, I'll just head to Radio Shack instead of Lowes. I can't remember how much I paid for the button but at least I saved a few $$$.

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