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Busted Door Bell light


I have noticed that my door bell light is busted again. I found out about it when somebody knocked on my door hard. I wondered why he knocked when he could have just pressed the door bell button. I'm guessing he didn't notice the button was there.

Door bell without light
This will be the 2nd time I will be replacing it. I was lucky to save the old button on the original replacement case (Style selections #158623). If memory serves me right, I bought this product from Lowes. I kept the item in the car this morning and was planning to drop by Lowes to get a replacement.
While on my way home, I decided not to go to Lowes since we will be hammered with a snow storm tonight and tomorrow. Weather forecasts are calling snow for about 6 to 18 inches.

I started looking at the old button and thinking that I don't have any use for it anymore, maybe I should open it and see what type of bulb it has. I didn't care if I break the product since I know I'll be buying a new one anyway.

Closer look at the button (apologies for a blurry picture).
Back of the button
I was able to separate the back part and found an LED type bulb. Looking at the button case, it says that the button can be installed to wired chimes, bells and buzzers that are from 8 to 24 volts.
Removed the bulb (busted one)
I remembered that I used a similar bulb on my car when I replaced the backlight of the clock. I know that the bulb is 12 volts. I bought the bulb from Radio Shack for $1.79 (part #272-1092) and it has 2 bulbs. At that time I used it, I only needed one so I had a spare.
I compared the Radio Shack bulb with the busted bulb and they both look the same.
I was able to re-assemble the button back with the new bulb. I then removed the button with the busted bulb and replaced it with the newly fixed button. After connecting the 2nd wire (see below), it worked!
Now my door bell has a light again. I'm keeping the other button so the next time I get a busted bulb, I'll just head to Radio Shack instead of Lowes. I can't remember how much I paid for the button but at least I saved a few $$$.


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