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ESPN NBA Fantasy - 02/10/2010


Update on my status on my NBA Fantasy game. I've fallen to 2nd place after about 2 months. My rank sometimes fall into 3rd place and go back to 2nd. Looking at the standings, I'm actually tied with someone else. We're 5 points behind the 1st place team.
I made several changes on my lineup (see below):


1. Michael Redd - out of the season due to injury
2. Thaddeus Young - regressed in stats when I dropped him
3. John Salmons - starting to regress in stats

1. Andre Kirilenko - getting hot since he was put back in Utah's starting lineup. Replacement for Michael Redd
2. Darren Collison - Since Chris Paul is injured he's one of the guys picking up the slack for New Orleans. Replacement for John Salmons
3. Marcus Thornton - Also picking up the slack for New Orleans due to Chris Paul's absence. Replacement for Thaddeus Young.
Some things that affected my ranking.
1. Carmelo Anthony - the league leader in scoring. He missed 8 games due to an ankle injury but he was back in the Nuggets lineup yesterday.
2. Marcus Thornton - missed 4 games due to a back injury
3. Brandon Jennings - on a shooting slump. His points average fell to 17.1 from 21.3.


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