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Air Filter follow-up


I got a reply from my friend Jet about the air filter that I replaced. He pointed out that I've replaced the air intake filter and not the cabin filter and the air cabin filter is a different story. He's right about it.

In my experience, the cabin filter is a bit tricky to replace as you have to remove a lot of things. I replaced my cabin filter on my Odyssey several times now and I found the steps on how to do it in an Odyssey forum. Here's the link on how to replace it on 2nd generation Odysseys.

I remember that I had to do it because the dealer was charging me $130 back in May 2006. I was able to buy the cabin filter at a cheaper price and didn't had an issue replacing it the first time. Since then, I always decline this filter replacement when the dealer says that I have to. (The last time I was offered was back in March 2010 and the replacement price is a bit lower now - $75.00).

I'm buying my replacement filters online. You can get it from Amazon or eBay or maybe from a local Auto parts store.

Here's the cabin filter that I just replaced recently
The filter is under the glove box.

If you have a 2nd generation Odyssey and is looking to have the cabin filter replaced, just follow the instructions on the link I posted above. If you do it on your own (and correctly), you'll surely save a few $$$.


Air Intake Kits said...

I'll be looking out to this. Thanks for the info.

Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

I was used to making my mechanic do all this stuff but now I understand. Thanks.

Bhupendra Kr. said...

While purchasing air-filter always prfer well-known brand. Well-known brands have a reputation for manufacturing high quality products that stand the test of time. Purchasing a lesser known brand may save you money, but be made of lower quality materials that allow debris to enter your carburetor. This can be the beginning of a huge repair bill down the road.

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